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Toastmasters Plugin Demo

The links below and the Calendar page are part of a demo of a WordPress for Toastmasters plugin, currently under development in collaboration with Carr Communications Inc.

Demonstration Toastmasters Club


We are excited to share with you the life skills that we’ve learnt through our Toastmasters journey: personal transformation by developing our communication skills, that have provided us with fantastic opportunities for leadership roles.

After you’ve watched the video, why don’t you Contact Us and find out a little more information ?




To include a You Tube video on your WordPress site, there is a handy plugin called “Smart You Tube” which enables you to simply copy the link to the video and change a few settings to allow it to display properly.

If you don’t want to use a plugin, then simply copy the “embed” code from You Tube, and paste it into your page in HTML mode so that it transforms properly.